FerriSmart provides an accurate, validated and standardised MRI-based measurement of liver iron concentration (LIC). FerriSmart delivers fast, accurate results, unaffected by inflammation, fibrosis and cirrhosis, and returns standardized results directly to clinicians and radiologists in seconds.  The FerriSmart neural network was trained using Resonance Health’s proprietary FerriScan technology and delivers state of the art liver iron concentration quantification.


Single product

Accuracy, speed, and standardization in one product.

Efficiency and rapid turnaround

FerriSmart provides real-time analysis and LIC report generation, giving clinicians and radiologists instant access to the information they need to improve care.

Suitable for all patients

FerriSmart employs a free breathing technique that is non-invasive and requires no contrast agents, making it suitable for use with patients of any age.

Full range of Liver Iron Concentration

FerriSmart reports an LIC across the full range of LIC, including very high iron loading.

Scanner agnostic

FerriSmart can be used with almost all makes and models of 1.5T MRI machines.

  • Accurate
    High sensitivity and specificity for measuring LIC to ensure precise results.
  • Flexible
    Designed for ease of use and compatible with most 1.5T MRI scanners.
  • Quality
    Stringent input quality control checks are built-in to ensure data quality before each analysis.
  • Consistent
    Uses the proprietary FerriScan protocol to standardize data acquisition.
  • Comprehensive
    The wide dynamic range that covers the entire range of LIC encountered in clinical practice.

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“FerriSmart is easy to use and gives almost instant liver iron concentration results without the need for time-consuming data analysis. We have used it with patients with both moderate and severe iron loading. The fact that it has been trained from FerriScan data gives us confidence in the results.”

Dr Yesim Aydinok, Professor of Paediatric Haematology, Ege University Children’s Hospital