ClearRead CT application is for radiologists who want to detect and measure properties of solid, part-solid, and ground-glass nodules, suppress normal structures in chest CTs to reduce nodule search time, increase confidence, and improve the accuracy of nodule identification.

ClearRead Xray application is for radiologists who want to read high-quality, bone-suppressed, soft-tissue imaging for chest x-rays to miss fewer nodules, with no additional radiation dose for patients.


ClearRead CT - Fast

Reduces burden of visual search and assessment by suppressing vascular structure
and bookmarking regions of interest, improving reading time.

ClearRead CT - Accuracy

Provides unprecedented detection and segmentation accuracy for lung nodules, as well as comparison to prior scans. For identifying new lesion identification and measuring growth trajectory.

ClearRead CT - Clear

Provides detailed characterization of nodules.

ClearRead CT - Complete

Provides the ability to process scans from a wide range of acquisition protocols.

ClearRead Xray - Leading

First FDA approved software for bone suppression, proven to improve reader detection accuracy.

ClearRead Xray - Confident

More confident, accurate image interpretation via bone-suppressed X-ray images.

ClearRead Xray - Simple

Easy, one-click access to enhanced images.

ClearRead Xray - Automated

Images automatically added to patient files.

ClearRead CT

  • ClearRead CT Vessel Suppress removes normal structures in chest CTs, providing radiologists an unobstructed view of actionable lung nodules.
  • ClearRead CT Detect obtains highly accurate segmentation, detection, and measurement results.
  • ClearRead CT Compare provides automated measurement and tracking of lung nodules between prior and current exams.

ClearRead Xray

  • ClearRead Xray Bone Suppress increases clarity of chest X-rays by suppressing bone on digital images.
  • ClearRead Xray Confirm identifies and highlights lines and tubes on portable chest X-ray images while maintaining excellent image quality.

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“ClearRead CT has changed the way we read chest CT exams. The application enables identification of small nodules faster and more reliably, particularly for oncological patients.”

Terrence Matalon, MD, Chairman at Albert Einstein Medical Center

“Despite the enormous impact of modalities cut as CT and MRI, plain x-ray studies are still the most commonly used and most readily available tests in our field, offering substantial diagnostic information at comparatively lower costs and low radiation doses. Enhancing x-ray studies’ accuracy through developments such as ClearRead could be an extremely important improvement in the most commonly utilized tests, maximizing their benefit.”

Cullen Ruff, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University