Scannerside, a Blackford Platform™ Partner application provides real-time analytics to monitor radiation dose trends and produce cumulative patient reports. Its cloud-based products are easy to implement, work across vendors and are cost-effective because it has no associated IT overheads.


Work flexibly

Scannerside is cloud-based so it works across vendors and has no IT overheads.

Gain valuable feedback

Get immediate feedback from your network and compare radiation dose information to optimize radiation dose.

Simplify and improve practices

Scannerside is user friendly and built to streamline workflow, drop radiation dose and improve protocols.

Expand efficiently

Scannerside products are simple to implement and can help grow your brand in a cost-effective way.

Remove stress and soaring costs

Scannerside eliminates the technical challenges and reduces the costs associated with dose tracking implementation

Patient satisfaction

Quickly communicate radiation dose information to patients by printing dose sheets immediately after exam to re-assure patients, improve their experience and support customer retention.

Real time analytics

Monitor scanner image volume, volumetric trends and other complex data in real-time via an easy to use interface to help understand scanner utilization, radiation dose and plan for efficient staffing during peak periods.


  • Real-time dose trends
    Detailed real-time radiation dose trends and analytics identify peaks and establish averages per exam. Scannerside evaluates protocol changes and generates cumulative patient reports.
  • Real-time analytics
    Monitor scanner image volume, volumetric trends and other complex data in real-time. Identify maximum radiation dose for each exam type corrected for pediatric/bariatric patients.
  • Vendor neutral
    Scannerside works with all scanner manufacturers
  • Multispecialty
    Services several medical specialties and is suitable for all departments performing scans, including Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology and Urology.
  • Dose Check
    Optional XR-29 vendor neutral dose check package provides CT operators with notifications and alerts of potential radiation doses over a predefined threshold prior to a scan being performed.

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“Our patients now ask for their dose report after each scan!”

Eileen Z. Lung Cancer Screening Nurse Navigator