FDA cleared AI clinical decision support and workflow solution for fully automated analysis and reporting of echocardiograms.



Results interchangeable with expert human readers

Eliminates variability between sonographers, everyone can ultrasound like an expert

Time Saving

Analyzes a complete echo in approximately 2-3 minutes

Automatically identifies and labels all views


Annotates and measures all structures


Available as a cloud solution (AWS), or on-premises

Us2.ai transforms a costly 30 minute process of expensive doctors in dark rooms doing repetitive, manual labor, into a zero click, one minute solution. The Us2.ai automation software helps pharmaceutical companies seeking to improve results and reduce the costs of clinical trials; as well as hospital systems seeking productivity tools and better outcomes for their patient populations.


Main feature:

  • Full automation of the analysis and reporting of echocardiography, with zero human intervention required beyond acquiring the base images.