Blackford announces our acquisition by Bayer

Blackford Exec Team

We are proud and delighted to announce Blackford’s acquisition by Bayer, the global life science company. 

Following the acquisition, Blackford will continue to operate independently based on Bayer’s well-established ‘arm’s length’ operating model. We will remain accountable to advance our technology, channel partnerships and clinical application portfolio while benefiting from the experience, infrastructure and reach of Bayer as a global pharmaceutical company. 

The acquisition follows a collaboration between both companies that laid the foundation for Bayer’s recently launched Calantic medical imaging AI platform. Our team’s expertise and success to date were important factors in Bayer’s acquisition, bolstering its position in the imaging AI space.

The overall global medical imaging AI sector is expected to continue growing dynamically, reaching $1.36 billion by 2026. Innovation powered by AI is needed more than ever to help combat the increased demand for medical imaging to detect diseases and to guide optimised patient treatment pathways.

Blackford founder and CEO, Ben Panter, said: “Bayer’s offer allows us freedom to continue to deliver our mission to improve the lives of patients and populations by unlocking the adoption and benefits of medical imaging AI as an independent, arms-length company along with all the strength and support of an experienced life science partner.”

“I’m extremely proud of everything our team has achieved and look forward to continuing to expand our partnerships across the industry.”