Blackford Dashboard™ is a powerful monitoring tool for users of Blackford Platform. By providing 24/7 insight into the platform’s health, as well as all activity and data being processed on it, Blackford Dashboard allows PACS vendors, PACS administrators and healthcare IT departments to save time through unparalleled access to the key system health and analysis information they need.


Peace of mind

Quickly and easily identify if there are any current or potential performance concerns with the platform and its communication with the PACS.

Assess performance

Gain instant visibility of all activities to assess processing status and the overall load on Blackford Platform.

Gain insight

Use data to investigate specific platform issues, assess utilization and observe trends over time.

Solve problems

Access useful information to help troubleshoot issues such as study or job level tasks.

Save time

Consistently diagnose issues without requiring analysis of complex log files.

Simplified platform monitoring

Save time and reduce cost by monitoring an entire portfolio of applications with a single diagnostic tool.

  • Activity monitoring.
    Provides real-time information on processing activities, such as numbers of studies received, number of jobs triggered, number of jobs that produced results, total job turn-around time, and how often third-party applications were triggered.
  • Data monitoring.
    Generates summaries of data processed on Blackford Platform across any time period, from minutes to years, including reported totals as well as graphs.
  • System health monitoring.
    Provides detailed information about the running status of Blackford Platform, as well as monitoring information on the server it is running on, including memory and hard drive space.
  • Secure.
    Encrypts all monitoring data during transmission, does not transmit any PHI and access requires two-factor authentication.
  • Mobile enabled.
    Works across desktops, tablets and mobile phones.