Established companies with medical image acquisition, storage, display and sharing products

Fast, easy access to a curated marketplace of established and cutting-edge image processing solutions through a single platform, enabling rapid response to changing customer demands and setting you apart in the market.

We minimize risk by optimizing the use of existing imaging resources and managing multiple products through a single platform.


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Differentiate in the market

Set yourself apart from the competition by quickly rolling out new technologies with ease.

Respond quickly

Meet the rapidly changing demands of customers through easy and fast access to established and cutting-edge solutions.

Access multiple products in a single relationship

Minimize the risk of impact to your own systems by working with a single platform supported by one company.

Optimize use of resources

Leverage your existing imaging systems and resources with full integration for optimal performance.

Widen your customer base

Appeal to broader markets and extend your reach within existing sites by deploying specialist applications that appeal to additional departments.

Simplify support and monitoring

Utilize Blackford Dashboard to quickly and easily identify if there are any current or potential performance concerns with the platform and its communication with the PACS.


“As a long-time partner of Intelerad, Blackford was a natural choice to become the first component of our best-of-breed Clinical Artificial Intelligence platform. Our collaboration around the Blackford Auto-registration tool (3D cursor) has been very successful and we are excited to offer even more image analysis applications to our clients on the same platform.”

Christian Bazinet, COO Intelerad Medical Systems