Large organizations in medical imaging and other sectors that rely heavily on images

Leverage our expertise and IP assets in image analysis to build robust, bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Expand your development capacity and delivery speed with minimal risk and benefit from our experience in successfully bringing medical imaging products to market for multinational organizations.


A wealth of experience

Access deep expertise in image processing and a proven track record working with multi-national organizations across multiple sectors.

Strong technology

Leverage a robust platform to host image processing on.

Ramp up at speed

Turn development capacity on and off with minimal risk.

Shared knowledge

Access a comprehensive library of IP assets that can be adopted as required.

Proven delivery

Experienced in complex medical imaging product development.

Quality assurance

Benefit from our ISO13485 and ISO9001 certified QA processes


“Blackford has a proven track record of delivery and their technology is already in use across our installed base.”

Derek Swan, CTO, Optos, a Nikon Company