Fully integrated with existing systems, Blackford Platform™ simplifies implementing and managing of multiple imaging applications and AI algorithms and reduces load on PACS. New applications can easily be added to the image-processing platform, reducing implementation time, costs, and long-term maintenance. Long term performance is monitored 24/7 by Blackford Dashboard™.


Simplify selection, deployment and maintenance

New applications added can be deployed quickly and easily on the existing platform, reducing deployment time, costs, maintenance, monitoring, and support requirements.

Access multiple applications from one platform

One platform to deploy and manage multiple imaging applications and AI algorithms that deliver specific benefits for radiologists and referring clinicians.

Optimize use of existing resources

Fully integrated with existing systems to minimize impact and eliminate performance degradation. Management of DICOM interface minimizes impact on PACS.

Centralize access

Once installed and configured, additional applications can be added quickly and easily, ensuring that training, monitoring, and support is only required for one system.

Simplify with one vendor, one deployment

Working with a single vendor, with a single platform eliminates the need to support imaging applications and AI algorithms from multiple vendors.

Access new technology quickly

We partner with technology providers to ensure multiple imaging applications can be quickly deployed on a single platform.


  • Multiple applications
    Hosts and manages a portfolio of Blackford® and Platform Partner products, configured and managed centrally, supporting automated or triggered processing of imaging applications and AI algorithms.
  • Fully DICOM compliant
    DICOM compliant and integrated with DICOM modality worklist to pre-fetch prior studies for analysis.
  • Configurable dataflow
    Configurable dataflow management offers multiple adaptable SCPs that maximize data ingestion speed, customizable AE titles for manual triggering, and comprehensive patient consolidation from multiple sources.
  • Ultra-fast cache
    Ultra-fast hybrid cache manages and prioritizes incoming data, quickly transferring it to clinical applications. Automated cache optimization provides fast access to cached data, cascading storage, and proprietary indexing.
  • Relevancy Engine
    Relevancy engine determines which studies to send each clinical application and collates descriptor knowledge from all deployments.
  • Flexible hosting and cloud deployment
    Flexible hosting allows clinical applications to be locally hosted on VM or Docker containers. Cloud deployment enables studies to be routed to separate resource in the cloud, minimizing dataflow.

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“We have established a significant deployment at our customer sites the flexibility, robustness and performance of the Blackford Platform continues to impress.”

Derek Swan, Optos, A Nikon Company