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Using a single platform and vendor makes rolling out new technologies easier and eliminates the need to support different imaging applications and AI algorithms or multiple contracts.

New applications can be added to the existing platform quickly and easily with a curated marketplace, reducing deployment time, costs, and long-term maintenance.


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Streamline deployment of new products

Implementing new medical-imaging technology is easier with a single platform. No need to manage multiple purchase orders, as additional options can be added to your existing contract.

Simplify with one vendor, one deployment

Working with a single vendor, with a single platform eliminates the need to support multiple FDA cleared imaging applications and AI algorithms.

Reduce deployment time and costs

New applications added to the platform can be deployed quickly and easily on the existing platform, reducing deployment time, costs and long-term maintenance.

Become more efficient

Gaining access to a suite of cutting-edge solutions saves time, improves productivity and increases clinical value.

Secure data transmission

Secure de-identification and re-identification of cloud-based processing ensures personal health information is fully protected.

Differentiate your business

Expand the amount of information and services available to your referring physicians.


“We have established a significant deployment in our customer sites, the flexibility, robustness and performance of the Blackford Platform continue to impress.”

Derek Swan, Optos, a Nikon Company