Radiology Informatics, IT Directors, Managers and PACS Administrators

Blackford® provides a single platform to manage multiple imaging applications and AI algorithms, with a centralized access point for training, support and monitoring the overall solution.

Additional applications can be added quickly and easily through a curated marketplace, and the use of existing resources is optimized.


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Access multiple applications from one platform

One platform to manage multiple FDA cleared imaging applications and AI algorithms that deliver specific benefits for radiologists and referring clinicians

Save time and be more efficient

Proven through our installations across small, medium and large hospitals and imaging centers, Blackford saves time through management of deployment, support and service of the overall solution.

Centralize access and optimize use of existing resources

Once installed and configured, additional applications can be added quickly and easily, ensuring that training and support is only required for one system. Fully integrated with existing systems to minimize impact and eliminate performance degradation. Management of DICOM interface minimizes impact on PACS.

Streamline financial processes

With a single platform to manage, there is no need to manage multiple purchase orders, as additional options can be added to your existing contract.

Simplify with one vendor, one deployment

Working with a single vendor, with a single platform eliminates the need to support multiple different imaging applications and AI algorithms.

Secure local and cloud-based processing

Secure de-identification and re-identification of cloud-based processing ensures personal health information is fully protected


“Blackford provides a single platform to simplify the implementation and management of multiple AI and other image processing modules, with a centralized access point for training, support and monitoring of the overall solution.”

Ranjan Jayanathan, General Manager of eRAD and CIO of RadNet