Radiologists, Radiology Directors, Technologists and other radiology staff

By automating workflows and providing standardized results, Blackford provides fast, unified access to solutions that help healthcare professionals add clinical value to improve diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes. We help reduce the cost of care and increase the ability to add clinical value by increasing efficiency and productivity.


Improve diagnostic confidence

Achieve better patient outcomes and improve diagnostic confidence by automating the delivery of relevant condition-specific information from medical images.

Access new technology quickly

We partner with technology providers to ensure multiple FDA cleared imaging applications and AI algorithms can be quickly deployed on a single platform.

Generate revenue and reduce cost of care

Offering multiple imaging applications and AI algorithms, expands the amount of information and services available to referring clinicians and reduces costs through efficient reading and informed reporting for optimized treatment planning and improved outcomes.

Automate workflow, standardize results

Pre-processing automatically extracts relevant information and delivers outcomes back to PACS or other image viewer for use when images are read.

Optimize use of staff time

We ensure medical images are processed before exams are read so information is already available, and staff can focus on adding clinical value.

Minimize training requirements

With extensive automation throughout, applications are designed to be seamless to the user and only require minimal training and interaction.


“Our patients now ask for their dose report after each scan!”

Eileen Z. Lung Cancer Screening Nurse Navigator

“Using Blackford Smart Localizer has drastically improved my efficiency in interpreting Lung Cancer Screening exams. ”

Robert J French, MD. Lahey Hospital and Medical Center