Including key use cases for AI in radiology, the impact of cloud-based technologies, and a new generation of business intelligence solutions.

Last month, a new analysis about how radiology can benefit from artificial intelligence was published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. The paper was widely reported on, including this piece in Radiology Business, which focused on some specific use cases that stand to benefit from AI in the near term – from centralized data registries and AI research, to validation of AI products and structured reporting.

Also on the agenda in August was the topic of the cloud and its impact on healthcare. Healthcare IT News published an interesting article on the potential of cloud-based solutions to transform the lives of physicians, but with a cautionary note that this transformation should not create added stress and pressure for healthcare professionals, many of whom are already overworked.

In other news, while standard business intelligence tools are well-used in many sectors, there is a relative lack of radiology specific solutions. But this is changing. Ulrik Kristensen, an analyst at Signify Research wrote this interesting piece on the subject for, indicating that he expects the market for such solutions to grow significantly over the next few years. He writes about a new generation of tools that are coming onto the market, why they are being developed, and how they impact the bottom line.

And finally, in August we published a new blog that explores how PACS vendors can benefit from integrating an application platform into their products, and why access to a curated marketplace of applications is key to making this a success.

Stay tuned for more industry news next month!